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Family owned since 1989

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About us

Since 1989 we are an established textile service company with our main location in Lisberg, Germany. As a family business in the third generation, we accompany well-known German and European name brand manufacturers as well as textile producers . We also provide the development of samples, prototypes, doubling parts to the production of washing and dyeing goods in Germany as well as at our two own production sites in Northern Macedonia and Albania for every customer. We are your competent partner in the entire field of textile finishing worldwide.

We stand for:


A trusting and reliable partnership with our customers

Washing & finishing programmes with exclusively controlled & listed (GOTS, REACH, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Bluesign©system) textile auxiliaries/ dyes

Sustainable & innovative work with ecological process technologies

A creative and individual concept development for our customers

Our vision is to achieve the best possible and extraordinary results for our customers with ecological and innovative process engineering / technologies.

Matthias Fröhling




  • Creation of recipes
  • Provision of finished programs
  • Consulting for washing quality assurance of worldwide production
  • Individual concept creation  

Processing and retrofitting

  • After-treatment of yellowed goods
  • Mould / mould stain and odour treatment
  • Colour tone adjustment
  • Retrofitting of used, destroyed and buffy effects
  • Colour and rub fastness improvements
  • Re-dyeing and over-dyeing
    Washing, dyeing and finishing capacity in Germany daily 3,000 to 5,000 parts


  • Stone-Wash (pumice stones, perlite, rubber stones and enzyme stone)
  • High-quality enzymatic flat fabric finishing with specially combined enzymes and soft aids
  • Registered Tencel Laundry
  • Linen special finishing
  • All common and ecological bleaching processes

Dyeing and special effects

  • Colour adjustments with different dyeing processes (e.g. substantive/direct dyeing,
    reactive dyeing, Old Dye-process as well as all dye spray processes etc.)
  • Used process, scraping/spray process
  • Destroyed optics
  • Moustache/Buffy effects
  • Resin, synthetic resin and coloured synthetic resin coatings
  • Wash and colour crash optics


Fröhling Textilconsulting GmbH

Hauptstraße 24-28
96170 Lisberg

Email: verwaltung@froehling.com
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Northern Macedonia

Froling Dooel

UL.Goce Delcev br.34
2000 Stip

Email: info@froling.com.mle
Tel: +389 – 32 223 84 0
Fax: +389 – 32 224 84 6


Fröhling Albania Sh.p.k

Rinia Durrsake L17
2001 Durres

Email: frohlingalbania@gmail.com
Tel: +355 69 202 04 87
Tel: +355 69 82 70 887


Hauptstraße 24-28
96170 Lisberg

Northern Macedonia

UL.Goce Delcev br.34
2000 Stip


Rinia Durrsake L17
2001 Durres



+49 9549 92 280


+49 9549 92 28 50